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The LTAward, short for the Logistics Technology LT Award, was founded in 2011. Theaward was sponsored by Soo56, a leading media outlet for logistics technologyin China, and issued regularly each year with the principle of “fairness, equality,transparency, public welfare” to recognize achievements made in such aspects aslogistics technology and equipment, logistics application and innovation, industryprogress and social development.

The annual LT award ceremony is animportant event not only highlighting the achievement made in the field oflogistics technology in China, but also attracting the attention andparticipation of enterprises involved in logistics technology from all over theworld. Benz, Scania, Volvo, Linde, Honeywell, Schaefer, Daifuku, KSEC, BMHRI,JD.COM ,Suning and other domestic and overseas magnates gathered at the LT awardceremony and show their latest technologies and innovations. The award isrecognized as one of the most important awards in the area of logistics and knownas “the Oscars in the Chinese logistics industry.”


The LT Award 2019 is designed with four items and final winners will bestood outthrough the selection flow of application/nomination, preliminaryexaminationand final examination by the judging panel. Any award item isallowed to bevacant.

LTLT Award for Innovative Products:

The Award will be given to certainnumber ofparticipants depending on the quality of nominated products. Thenumber ofwinners should be no more than 30, who will be granted certificatesand cups;

LT Award for Innovative Application

The Award will be given to certainnumber ofparticipants depending on the quality of the candidates. The numberof winnersshould be no more than 10, who will be granted certificates andcups;

LT Award for Annual Characters:

TheAward will be given to certain number ofparticipants depending on the qualityof the candidates. The number of winnersshould be no more than 10, who will begranted certificates and cups;

LT Award for Best AnnualEnterprises:

The Award will be givento certain number of participantsdepending on the quality of the candidates.The number of winners should be nomore than 10, who will be grantedcertificates and cups.


TheCompetition istargeted at enterprises and organizations registered in China(including HongKong, Macao and Taiwan), or havingproduct selling or marketingcapability or planning to market products in China(including Hong Kong, Macaoand Taiwan);

For any item ofthe Award, any unit or individual can only file for one product. For innovativeapplication award, the application can only be made by the user or jointly withother relevant parties;

Each participatingenterprise or organization can apply for participation with no more than 3 innovativeproducts or applications;

Theproducts and innovative applications having won LT Award previously are notallowed to participate in the competition once again.

Applicant and Explanation

LT Award for Innovative Products

1. The products should meet qualification requirements of each item of award, should be marketed in China or allowed to be put on the market (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and planned to be marketed in China. The application is free from any limitation on the registered address of product brands, and can be made by any enterprises and branches in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan);

2. The products should be based on the development of technologies and application of the materials in line with the trend of energy-saving, environmental protection and green and low-carbon development;

3. The applicants should have independent R&D and innovative concept and be able to effectively develop and use new technologies, new processes, new materials and new applications, provide new solutions, and lead future development trend;

4. The products should have reasonable design of function and structure and technical application, conform to applicable domestic and foreign quality standards, meet market demands, and have higher market and economic value;

5. The products should be free from any intellectual property right dispute or patent dispute.

LT Award for Innovative Application

1. The application enterprises (organizations) must be registered in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) or relevant branches in China, and apply for award in the name of technical application unit or by joint application. If the innovative project wins the award, cups and certificates will be granted to the application unit, and certificates will be granted to the joint application unit.

2. The application cases for the competition should be in use or in experiment; new technology application project can be of a link, a part or the whole of the project;

3. Relevant new technologies should be firstly used in the industry, to be innovative, forward-looking, practical, economical and extendable to certain extent;

4. The functional and structural design and the technical application should be reasonable, conform to applicable domestic and foreign quality standards, meet business demands, and have high industrial demonstration and learning value.

LT Award for Annual Characters

1.The characters’ affiliations (organizations) should be officially registered in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and the characters should have made outstanding achievements in and great contributions to logistics technology of China (without limitation on the nationality);

2.The characters should have a forward-looking vision and have made striking achievements in driving enterprise and industry changes as well as in leading their affiliations to transform and upgrade;

3.The characters should have innovative awareness, make innovations in product, technology, management, talent, development mode and so on, and play an important role in leading the future development trend;

4.The characters should have practice spirit and innovative ideas and have made striking achievements and innovations in innovative practice of logistics application;

5.The characters should have good social reputation and public influence, strong sense of social responsibility and outstanding and recognized performance in employee benefit, social contribution and public donation.

LT Award for Annual Best Enterprises

1.Participating enterprises should have been officially registered in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for more than 3 years and enjoy wide notability and brand reputation in China’s logistics technology and equipment industry;

2.The participating enterprises should have excellent and recognized performance in income, profit, market share and size expanding;

3.The participating enterprises should have made important innovations in product, technology, management, talent and development as well as other aspects;

4.The participating enterprises should win users ’affirmation on product quality and quality service, making efforts to improve brand notability and reputation.

5.The participating enterprises should have strong sense of responsibility for society and employees and with great influence on and outstanding contributions to industrial development;

6.The participating enterprises should follow market rules, with high enterprise honesty and good industrial reputation, and without any record of negative media report, bad credit record or compliant.

Requirements for Application:

1.If the participating enterprises have the scope of business involving non-logistics operating income, the income reported must be mainly from the operating income in logistics technology and service.

2.For any item of award, the participating enterprises must report the income in recent three years. For example, for LT Award 2020, the income in 2019, 2018 and 2017 should be reported;

3.For any item of award, the income and sales volume of the participating enterprises must be financial statistical data realized rather than the contract amount for current year.

4.The participating enterprises must report real data. Otherwise any consequence concerned shall be borne by the participating unit or individual.

5.The performance description of the participating enterprises must be concise and clear and accurate in facts

Appraisal Procedures

LT Award, as the most important one in logistics, is closely tied with the rigorous participation flow and standard, authoritative appraisal experts and wide user participation. The judging panel consists of distinguished experts from relevant fields, strictly follows LT Award appraisal principle and carries out independent appraisal to fully guarantee appraisal justice and quality.

Application:Online application/nomination by the participants

Preliminary examination: Subject to online voting and scoring by 2,000 professional users to nominate products, characters and enterprises for final competition

Final examination: The judging panel consisting of famous domestic and foreign experts and scholars and distinguished representatives of users will make the final decision according to appraisal standards and through participant defense and expert discussion.

Award presentation:The award ceremony will be solemnly held in Beijing on March 18, 2020 to grant awards to the winners.


REGIDTRATION:October 22, 2019 - January 31, 2020


FLNAL JUDGMENT:February 18, 2020

AWARD CEREMONY:March 18, 2020

Prommotion:March December 2020


OFFLINE EVENTS:March to December 2019 in tens of cities such as Beijing,Shanghai and Shenzhen

Scope of LT Award Competition

01. Logistics Planning and Consultation

02. System Integration

03. Handling Technological Equipment

04. Lifting Technological Equipment

05. Automated Storage/Retrieval System Technological Equipment

06. Storage TechnologicalEquipment

07. Unitary Container Technological Equipment

08. Packing Technology and Equipment

09. Distribution Processing Technology and Cold-chain Equipment

10. Logistics Information Technological Equipment

11. Logistics and Supply Chain Software

12. Intelligent Logistics Equipment

13. Transportation Technology and Equipment

14. Logistics Peripheral Equipment

15. Intelligent Parking Technology and Equipment

16. Enterprise Logistics and Logistics Service


1、Participants can log on theofficial website of LT Award www.ltaward.com to make online application andsubmit necessary electronic information.

(1) The application form and materials shall be affixed with corporate seal and signature of the participants before scanning for uploading or mailing.

(2) The pixel of images of products and relevant materials shall not be less than 300, and videos shall be uploaded online or sent by e-mail or post with an optical disc.

(3) The physical products shall be sent to the designated place within a specified period after the notice of the Organizing Committee is received. LT Award Office will examine the qualification of participants and has the right to cancel the qualification of those failing to provide complete or satisfactory materials.


Participants are exempted from the application and examination fee (the possible expenses product transport, insurance, statement and investigation shall be borne by participants). The travel and accommodation expenses like the attendance in ceremonies, exhibitions, promotions and exchanges of the representatives participating enterprises (institutions) shall be at their own cost.

Standards of assessment

In the principles of “fairness, equality, transparency and public welfare”, LT Award sets the following standards on nomination and assessment.


The product features independent development and innovation and uses new technology, techniques, materials and applications. The new technical results are able to solve the existing problems, help improve corporate and industrial development and comply with the development trend.


The functional structure design and technical application reach relevant domestic and overseas quality standards and satisfy market needs; contribute to positive effects; feature the people-oriented concept, easy operation and maintenance and high practicability and safety.


The product features lower cost, higher efficiency and strong market competitiveness.


The product features environmental protection and energy conservation, adopts clean energy and ecological materials, are durable and recyclable and comply with the trend of green and low-carbon development.


The participant holds demonstrative effect and remarkable achievements in product research & development, technical innovation, practical application and industrial advancement and complies with the development trend of technology, enterprises and industry.

Rights and obligations

1.As from the date of material submission, the participant shall be deemed as having authorized the Organizer to use the products for participation in any form for the purpose of award operation.

2.Any participant requesting to exit the assessment or return the submitted materials shall have no right to claim for any compensation or commercial right from the Organizer.

3.All the participants shall bear all the expenses arising from the participation (including the products for participation). Where any participant or product for participation fails to satisfy the assessment conditions, the Organizer shall have the right to cancel its qualification at any stage of the award and all the losses to the Organizer arising therefrom shall be borne by the participant concerned.

4.Where no proper winner is selected, the award may be vacant, and the Organizer reserves the right to issue any award.

5.After participation into LT Award, the participants shall be deemed as having fully understood and accepted these rules and related interpretations.

Award recall

In any of the following circumstances, LT Award Committee shall have the right to recall any award identity and any issued award.

1.Any winning product or innovative application is involved in serious defects that may cause severe social damages;

2.Any winning product infringes upon the intellectual property right of any others as confirmed;

3.The winner applies major modifications to the winning product without any notice to the Organizer and continues to use the award identity for purposes like promotion.


Award issue: All the awards shall be only for the participating units and individual winners;

Protection of intellectual property right: All the participants (enterprises and individuals) shall guarantee that the products for participation and submitted materials are original and authenticate and are not involved in any dispute of intellectual property right. All the participants, rather than “China Logistics Technology Award Committee”, shall assume all the liabilities on the intellectual property right.

Product transport: China Logistics Technology Award Committee shall not bear any liability for any possible or occurred risk arising from the registration, assessment (transport, theft, damage or any other accident of the physical product), award presentation and promotion.

Information disclosure: The information of LT Award like the change of date will be announced on the official website. All the participants should pay prompt attention to the official website. “LT Award” shall be subject to the interpretation of China Logistics Technology Award Committee.

Settlement of disputes

1. Any dispute arising from the participation shall be preferably settled through negotiation. Where no agreement is reached within 30 days after written application for negotiation, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with governing laws, namely the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, for all the documents, the Chinese version shall prevail and the English version is only for reference.

2. If any third party files a dispute on the intellectual property to any product for participation, the participant concerned shall take relevant measures on its own and assume all legal liabilities arising therefrom. Meanwhile, the participant concerned shall compensate the Organizer for all the losses involved in any dispute.

Validation and interpretation

The Organizer shall have the right to modify and interpret these rules. However, unless agreed by the participants, the participants shall hold all the intellectual property and trademark rights to their products for participation. These rules shall be valid from the date of issue to the date of separate announcement.


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